Hey guys!

A very warm welcome to my site!
So…I’m very new to this whole ‘blogging’ thing. I guess I don’t really like staying committed to things. I tend to get REALLY into something one day, then just completely ignore/disregard it the next day–not just activities or objects, but PEOPLE too. It’s my curse I tell you.

Anyways, a little bit more about me…I was born in a small little clinic in Metro Manila, Philippines. (Yay, mangoes!) When I was 8, we moved to Singapore, where I currently reside as I write this, because my mom found higher-paying jobs here. When I reached high/secondary school, I, somehow, managed to get in to the School of the Arts (Singapore), where I major in Sculpture under Visual Arts. I love love LOVE to draw! All thanks to my dad, I suppose. He taught me pretty much everything I know, and if he never did I would be…studying to become a doctor? ah, Asian jokes… And I don’t think I’ve gone a day without at least doodling something (on my Math homework). BUT WAIT, I also equally love to play my violin! I was part of my music school’s orchestra for about…7 years? And I. Had. A. Blast! I really regret leaving now…financial issues made me do it 😦
I decided to start playing the violin for 3 reasons:
1) Portable–not like a piano for example, and, for an 8 1/2-year-old, the size seemed very manageable
2) Not common–I didn’t see a lot of people playing it. Back in Manila, there was always an upright piano at some corner of a house. And I could always hear someone playing the guitar out on the streets. I wanted to be ‘different’ I guess. Curiosity perhaps.
3) ‘Coz I heard it gives you massive arm strength-this is SO TRUE! I can lift about 55kg (about my own weight) and throw a mean punch, and I have never set foot in a gym. Hehe, life hacks for you 😉 (Of course I run occasionally to work out my legs too.)

I’ve started this blog because I feel like I’ve just overcome a big obstacle and it’s made me feel über happy!

In March 2014, a lot of people were being let go at my mom’s office. Here’s the thing though: most of the people that were let go had been working there for more than 5 years (with no increases in salary) and were Filipinos. My mom got really stressed, because they got a bit short-handed, so her workload started piling up. We were considering leaving Singapore and going back to Manila (except for my dad because, at the age of 51 with no college diploma, he’d have A LOT of trouble getting a job there). We were happy with this arrangement, especially me. I was never really fond of this place. Sure, I made a lot of friends and I may have bought a lot of stuff, and the quality of living here is good in terms of facilities. I would never call this place my home, and no offense to any Singaporeans who are reading this, but I feel like I just can’t live like this any longer. Life here is so fast…too fast. I’m thankful for the opportunities and all, but I just love the life in Manila too much. It may not be the best idea, but it’s good enough for me.
In May 2014, my mom was transferred to a different company which was, from what I got from her rants, an absolute piece of shit. Her new boss was an even bigger sack of shit as well. She looked like she was ready to stab the shit out of that guy at any moment. She resigned the following month, since she successfully applied for another job in Manila. We all went on a 1-month holiday but, of course, when we were heading back, she wasn’t coming with us. (Shortly after we got back, the house became really dusty and grimy, and cockroaches and lizards were crawling everywhere. And I have to do ALL the laundry, bed sheet-changing and plant care-taking.)

In July 2014, when school reopened, I felt ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE. I didn’t know why. I’ve never felt like that before. I think I was depressed FOR REAL. I really started thinking dark, morbid thoughts…but don’t worry. I didn’t try anything, alright? I was just pushing everyone away–verbally, emotionally, and physically (violinist’s arms, remember?…and sculptor’s hands, actually).
By the end of July, however, I was able to get myself together again and really focus (something difficult to do because of my ADD) on my future. I decided to slap myself out of it, literally–quite painful. I almost feel sorry for anyone I’ll accidentally slap in the future…hehe, almost. I got annoyed and frustrated with my self. I didn’t like seeing myself so sad and lonely, so I did something about it. I just told myself to STAHP! STAY HAPPY, or else you’ll start looking even more disgusting! A FEW MORE MONTHS AND YOU’LL BE BACK IN MANILA WITH FAMILY!
So, I applied to a couple of schools in Manila, University of Santo Tomas(UST) and University of the Philippines(UP). My plan is to study for at least a year there and transfer to University of Calgary in Canada (OR finish my Bachelors there and pursue a Masters at University of Calgary, or School of Visual Arts in NYC).

Hehe, so that’s pretty much it for now. I hope you got all that. I think it’s kinda wordy for a first post, but well, I’m a noob XD Join me in my future adventures in life! I will try my best to stay committed to this blog! I promise, we’ll have lots of fun together 🙂

Always be happy,
Agnes D.J.


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