Update time!

Hello once again, cyber world!

First things first, my apologies for neglecting this blog. I got caught up in my school work and so much teenage, hormonal drama stuff…plus, I went on a service trip to Tarlac, Philippines, which went splendid by the way.

So, I said my goodbyes–some multiple times, some awkwardly, some reluctantly, and some…‘secretly holding a grudge against you but decided to be nice and came off as friendly anyway’-ly. I am now currently in Laguna, Philippines. This is my mom’s childhood home, not mine, so I’m severely unfamiliar with everything, from getting around this bigger-than-I’m-used-to house to getting out to the city where civilization and my new school is at. I am also badly missing my schoolmates back in Singapore. (I do stay in touch with a few of them, and the postcards I’ve sent out have my address, e-mail and new phone number just in case.)

Let me just tell you that I am so freaking BORED OUT OF MY MIND! I miss school so badly!!! I thought, “6 months of no school…no problem. I needed a break. No worries…time’ll pass by in no time!”…Here I am thinking, “1 month was bad…now I’ve got 5 more months to go?! When will this end?!” Honestly, I think I’m losing my mind…for real now. I have no idea if I’ll survive one more week of nothing.

I guess I’ll just think of the positives now. Hmm…well, I’m back home. And I get to play around with my cousins, who I’ve trained like dogs to get me food and help me throw things in exchange for small treats/snacks/candy 😉 Oh, and I’ll be free from any silly boy crushes, since I don’t find anyone from my own race especially attractive for some reason. Haha. Yeah…

One more thing, I started up a 2nd blog called ‘Confession Fridays’, which is actually just a ‘blog edition’ of ‘spill-it-all’ sessions my close friends and I used to have regularly when we weren’t so busy with our diplomas. (I talk about that story in detail in the ‘About’ section of the blog.) It was something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now, and thankfully, I have found the courage and means to do it. Please go check it out as well!

Thank you for your patience,

My 2nd blog:



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