Things Are Looking Up!

Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing fine 🙂 I know I am! I’m just so happy nowadays, probably because I went through what came close to hell last year… Just wanted to say that after leaving my previous school, it’s been nothing but happy days. (Not including the boredom I face every day because of this 6-month gap until school starts up again.) Ever since I entered, I always felt a strange mix of pride, hopefulness, and anxiety every day I made my way to school—more of the anxiety last year, and some kind of depression. I apologize if that made my school sound like it was a horrible, dreadful one. It wasn’t! I can honestly tell you that they have been some of the best years I’ve spent, regardless of the extreme lows I faced. (Teenagers, hormones…am I right?)

In a way, leaving has been good and bad for me.


•I learned many things from the people I met—not just academics, but life and how to live it.

•I was prepared for the real world, where there will always be people who find negative things to say about you or your work, and that you can always pick yourself up and keep going for the people who love you and your work.

•I almost recovered all the way to the original state of behavior I had before I moved to Singapore—talkative, trouble-making, always trying to prove myself, determined, passionate.

•I’ve learned new skills and have better appreciation for other art forms—I regained my passion for my violin, learned technical terms in the theater, further developed my writing and literature analysis. (Btw, I’m currently writing a play to be submitted, and hopefully staged, at the Virgin Labfest here in Manila.)

•I’ve grown up…somewhat. And I’m ready to face the new obstacles I’ll have as I start college in June, and hopefully make new friends along the way!


•I didn’t finish the 6 years and am feeling a sort of regret that I chickened out of the country, even though there was a way for me to stay 😦 I’m sorry, guys…I couldn’t do it.

•I feel like I didn’t live it up enough by not talking to anyone, except for a handful of people who I constantly saw pretty much everyday. Basically, I regret being as quiet and withdrawn as I was when it all started. (Lost/wasted opportunities.)

This year is looking up though! I just found out I passed my entrance exam for the only college that let me apply! (Most colleges here told me to go back and get the diploma after the 6 years, but the thing is…I can’t! Their loss…) And I already made a friend! So quickly! So excited!!! (Actually, lemme tell you something. When I first saw her, we immediately clicked. It’s like destiny or something! Could she be the BFF I’ve been looking to have all my life? Because the friends I keep in contact with now from my previous school? I didn’t/don’t feel that same connection I did with this girl…have you ever had this feeling? Hmm…I guess I’ll have to wait and see!)

Until next time,



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