Discovering & My Inner Geek

Hey everyone!

Woah, I’m unusually early with my next post, huh? Haha. I guess I’m getting really into this blogging thing. I come on here everyday to check on my views, re-read my posts, browse through other blogs, and then plan my next posts. And being an introvert, I over-think and plan elaborately for just about anything and everything. (Special mention: Check out ‘Quiet’ by Susan Cain! In a nutshell, it’s about how quiet people actually rule the world.)

I just got so excited that I couldn’t wait ’til next week to post something. And I love to write! (And I hope you like what I write. My views have been going up the past couple of days XD )

Anyways, I came on today and started clicking buttons and links I haven’t clicked before, and I found out that you can schedule when your next post comes out and it automatically posts it for you! That’s SO COOL!!! Hehe, forgive me and my ‘newbie-ness’…I’m not familiar with the blogging websites of the 2010s. (The last time I blogged was back in 2006.) Now I can write a bunch and just save them as drafts, ready to publish whenever I want to.

I played around the different sidebars that came with certain themes. I still don’t get which sidebar is which for my other blog, but I did get all the widgets to work on this one. You know, for someone who knows how to hack into wifi networks, get past firewalls, program things using Apple devices, and code PC/Xbox game files to work on my Mac, I suck pretty badly at figuring out what the buttons mean on a blogging site. Haha, I’m more of a ‘behind-the-scenes’ gal, I suppose.

Yes, that is all true. I’m really good with computers. And yes, I’m a girl. Actually, when I was 5, I wanted to be an inventor. I would take spare parts lying around–usually ranging from toys to PC chips and circuit boards–and stick ’em together to make ‘robots’. Also, I was introduced to (PC) gaming when I was, like, 5, which really sparked my interest in gadgets and computers. Now I think, “Yeah, it would be cool if I could build robots that actually worked, but I’m more into stationary sculptures now”. (Basically, I became more in tune with my Artist side than my geeky, scientific side.) Just thought I’d share that little fun fact about me with you guys today.

Well, I think I’m gonna crash now. I post these late at night because I noticed that here in Asia, most people usually surf really late at night, and from what I could observe with my relatives in Europe and North America, most people there seemed to surf right when they wake up and through lunch. So I thought, to come to a compromise, let me just post it when it’s late at night here and, hopefully, early morning there. Haha, introverted, remember?

Have a good night/morning,


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