Still got the Valentine’s Day blues?

Hey guys!

Haha, a belated ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’! No offense to anyone who didn’t have a happy one…it’s just that the combination of ‘Happy + Insert random noun here + Day‘ sounds really good together. And I don’t believe in ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day’. That’s not very nice, coming from a Catholic who takes feast days of certain Saints very seriously. Anyways, I had an average Valentine’s Day, if you were wondering–I went to a museum and made sweet love to some 19th century contemporary art…again…

So, in my time alone yesterday, I zoned out and started thinking, “Maybe I should write something positive for those who aren’t having such a ‘good’ time on Valentine’s…give the introverts out there some advice…yeah, yeah, that sounds good…hmm”. And so here I am, about to write something positive for those of you who didn’t have such a good time, or are loners, or introverts…Here goes nothing.

First things first, staying at home. Don’t. Regardless of whether you’re single or in a relationship or married or ‘it’s complicated’, do NOT stay at home on Valentine’s Day, or any other day when you feel like punching lovesick idiots in the face. Go out and breathe in the fresh air! Walk your dog, or someone else’s. Visit the museum and make love to some old paint-soaked canvases (if you’re into that kind of stuff). If you’re babysitting, take those brats out to the park or playground. (Parties and clubs do not count. You stay away from those as well.) As much as you want to crawl into your little nook with a sketchpad/book/laptop/mobile device, don’t. You’re going to miss a beautiful day. Focus on the happiness in the air! You’ll find that it’s contagious, especially on a special day like Valentine’s.

Second, chocolate. Eat it. (Not too much, or you’ll start looking like a sad, pathetic, chubby panda bear.) It’s been scientifically proven that eating chocolate releases several neurotransmitters that have positive effects on us humans; one of these being phenylethylamine, which causes alertness and a degree of excitement (as well as arousing feelings similar to those that occur when you’re in love). Also, among the fats in chocolate, there’s one called anandamide, which activates a receptor in the brain that causes dopamine production–dopamine causes feelings of intense well-being, or in layman terms, it makes you high. So forget about “Your love, your love, your love is my drug”. Just grab a chocolate bar every now and then, and get high as f*ck.

Finally, and most importantly, just remember that it all starts with a ship. No, I’m not talking about you going on a cruise and getting laid! (You disgust me!) Let me tell you a story. Everyone starts out as individuals floating around on their own boats. And somehow, by a twist of fate and a sprinkling of luck, two of these individuals cross each other’s paths. Soon enough, they invest in their first ship: friend-ship. It’s a rickety ship, that creaks as it goes over the slightest wave. They can stay on that ship as long as they want, but they eventually earn enough to get the creaky floorboards replaced with steel and have the sides re-painted. It’s been upgraded to a ‘romantic relation-ship’. But, they can’t seem to adjust to the new setting as they sail the high seas. They kind of miss the creaking at night, and the sound of the wood as they walked the deck. Usually, for many couples, this is where either one leaves the other for a better ship, or they both stay on board in the hopes that the changes will grow on them. For those that stayed, they did get used to the changes and are now looking to change some more things. They decide to invest in a cruise ship, so they can share the happiness with others. At first, it feels strange having so many people on board after so long of it being just the two of them, but they soon realize that they’ve all got their backs in the end. And so, after years of being together, voyaging the high seas, high tide or low tide, the two finally decide that it’s time to settle down and find a nice piece of land to dock for good (and maybe have a few little ones running around), where they will stay for many more years to come.

In case you didn’t get it or you didn’t read ’til the end, I was trying to say that there is always hope. Sure, falling in love may not be the most important thing, but you can’t deny that love…just happens sometimes. And when it does, you just get carried away with the tide, not knowing which exotic coast you’ll land back on. Well, that’s my advice for all of you who are single and/or giving up hope that there is someone out there for you. You may have already found your special someone 😉 Stay positive, and keep your chin up 🙂

Love will find you. It will always find you.



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