Finding My Inner Passion. Here’s to the Music students!

Happy Friday the 13th! (The second one of 2015 actually…)
(Just f.y.i., ’13’ just happens to be my luckiest number, and ‘Friday the 13th’ has never failed to be one of the better days in my life so far.)

So I’ve been really free lately, which leaves me a lot (too much) time to think. And my mind just can’t seem to stop thinking back on the embarrassing, funny, scary, anxious, fun, happy, sad and generally memorable moments I’ve had in SOTA (my former high school)…I think this is what people think/feel before they start seeking closure, am I right? And if ‘closure’ is what I want, then I really have to visit them really soon. It’s starting to get annoying.

Anyways, I brought that up because I started reflecting on my ‘Arts journey’ in SOTA, if that makes any sense, and I realized that I auditioned into SOTA under Visual Arts ONLY because it was what I thought would be beneficial and it was what I was more passionate about at the time…But after just a month in that school, I quickly realized that I may have joined the wrong art form. Why? Well…

…I sat next to at least one Music student for pretty much my whole first year, except for about 3-4 weeks worth of exams and extra-curriculars. While listening to them everyday, I got to see how they quickly solved Math problems, how they approached and viewed literature with such keen interest, how goofy and funny they are to chat with and, most importantly, how passionate they sounded whenever someone asked them anything that had to do with Music. I envied how they were able to tell you honest-to-goodness how much they enjoyed practicing 6-8 hours a day, how much they loved staying up to do rehearsals, how they could swap from ‘sophisticated musicians‘ to ‘class clowns that top their classes‘ in a matter of seconds, AND how close all the Music students always were with one another, regardless of ANY differences–they were honest with each other even if they had to tell the other that their music sucked ass.

What I’m trying to say–and I’m gonna put it as simply as I can–is that I admired their passion for their art form, and you can clearly hear the beautiful results of the passion they put into their performances. So after that first year, I changed my whole view on music and performance. I was still taking violin lessons at the time (I stopped due to financial reasons) and was in an orchestra. Before, I always thought, “Yeah. I can play the violin, a highly sophisticated instrument. And I’m in an orchestra…and I skipped a few grades for unknown reasons, ‘coz my teacher never told me why…yeah.” Now, I say, “Yeah! So grateful I chose to learn the violin! Oh, what’s that? An audition/gig? Sure, no problem. I love performing!” So it’s not about titles and pride anymore…it’s about the music. It should always be about the music.

No offense to the Visual Artists. I still love V.A., but I need my dose of late-night, on-stage action and adrenaline every once in a while. (Plus, the way V.A. students and teachers talked about the art form wasn’t very…motivating…for ‘young artists in the making’. There was no evident passion, but most had hidden talents (in other/multiple art forms) that they did seem more passionate about.

Let this be a lesson, kids. Just because you think you’re good at one thing, doesn’t mean it’s what you should be putting ALL your time and effort in…haha. Thanks for reading 🙂

And advanced Happy Pi Day!

Signing off,

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