Let It Goooooo, Let It Goooooo…

Yo yo yo! Waddup?

Obviously, I’m in a good mood.  Hehe, it’s Sunday morning, so why wouldn’t I be?  Anyways, I’ve got lots of good and positive stuff to share with you guys, so let’s get started.

First things first, super excited to be an usherette for opening night of Manila Art Fair!  Woot woot!  I’ve missed having to dress to the nines, so this is a big deal for me.  Just a couple of weeks to go!  Oh, Manila Art Fair is apparently something like Art Stage Singapore, or Art Fair PH…basically, it’s like a giant convention center full of various art galleries from all over the world.  Hehe, for at least one night, I will have to dress as girly as I can try 😛

Ok, next next next!  (This is so cliché but…) Christmas is coming!!! Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy! Hahaha, can’t wait.  I really need a vacation!  Let’s see…we have a trip to Tagaytay to celebrate my sister’s friend’s parents’ wedding anniversary!  YAAASSSSS, ROADTRIP!!! Plus, my first time going to Tagaytay!  I heard the most beautiful Starbucks branch in the PH is there, so can’t wait!  (Haha, Starbucks lang talaga ang habol ko eh 😅)  Ever since I got back here, I can’t really get out much coz I don’t know how to commute 😔  I mean, like, I know how to get to a bunch of places, but only within the same neighborhood.  Like, I know how to get around Sucat (my hometown), how to get around Pacita (mom’s hometown), how to go to and from Sucat and Pacita, how to get to Festival Mall from Manila or Pacita, how to get around this area that I currently live in (I walk a lot), and how to get around Makati.  See? It’s isolated to specific areas—places that I go to a lot.  It’s nice to get out of familiar places once in a while.

Haha, got carried away there.  Another thing I’m looking forward to in December is my 18th birthday present!!!  We’re going to Hong Kong, YAS!  And I’m the tour guide, coz I’m pretty confident in commuting there (ironic) since I went there in May with a friend whose mom taught me all about how everything works there 😁  Ever grateful and thankful for the people I know today!

Another thing, I have so many ideas for an exhibit!  So I’m definitely joining Fringe MNL next year.  Maybe with another classmate, or my dad coz I don’t think I can handle a whole gallery space to myself, hehe.  Btw, Fringe MNL is kinda new here.  They can basically provide you with whatever space or venue you need, and then advertise you!  So, like, if I wanna exhibit, I’ll send them my proposal and details of my setup, and they’ll look for an exhibition space that fits my requirements/details.  There’s a small fee for their services of course, but it’s okay.  They say that it’s up to you if you wanna have an entrance fee or not 😝  

Ok, one very last thing before I go do my huge stack of assignments!  I think my psychiatrist, who I’ve only known for barely 2 months, finally gave me the right advice.  Actually, I think it’s the first time anyone has ever told me this piece of advice and turns out it’s all I needed to hear.  You know what she said?  “Let go of the past.”  I was just, like…it hit me hard, man.  But she was right.  It’s keeping me from moving on and embracing this new school, this new lifestyle and these new people.  I have plenty of pictures and items that will remind me of the good times, so it’s not like I’ll actually forget.  Always gotta remember your roots and all that.  So yeah.  Gonna approach the new week with that in mind.

Well, that’s all for now!  Seriously need to catch up on homework, and apparently, I have a presentation to do this week, hehe, oops…

Until next time,



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