Strange People – Part 2

Hey guys! It’s been a while, but here I am! And, boy, do I have a sharing for you!
First of all, tomorrow’s the opening of Manila Art!!! Yay! But I forgot to brush up on my art movements and techniques, so I may not be the best usher(ette) I can be tomorrow…oh well! An usher(ette?) nonetheless 😛
And now to the good bits…

Yesterday, I went back to the same cafe, at the same time as before, but he wasn’t there…yet. So I got my usual order and sat near the door (eager much), and the table across from me was taken btw. Although, the guy sitting there seemed to be really antsy, like he was impatiently waiting for someone.
I busied myself with my ‘homework’, and I guess I got so engrossed that the next thing I knew, that same guy was there! He came with a girl 😦 But oddly enough, he swapped with the guy who was facing me. So when I looked over to their table, he was facing me and his friends’ backs were facing me. Coincidence much? Or naw? And yes, he was staring at me…whilst talking to his friends.
And I think we both recognized each other from one week ago. I took a while to recognize him though, so I stared a few more seconds than a normal stranger would. But it wasn’t awkward…which is really weird. Like I stared for 2 seconds at first, trying to make sense of the scene/piecing together what I missed while doing my work. Then I stared again for 2 more seconds, trying to recognize the guy. Normally, I would stare at a stranger (in the face area) for <1 second, but it would be totally awkward if I stared for 3 or more seconds. Think about it, people…how long does it take before a stare becomes awkward? With a stranger, or a friend, or someone you’re really close to? Or are they all the same for you? I think, for me, I avoid staring into someone’s eyes all together…especially if I’m close to the person. I don’t know why…I’m weird too!
Anyways, gonna have to end this…Need my beauty sleep for tomorrow! Have to impress a bunch of rich smart alec art enthusiasts…hopefully…haha, I’m too excited to go to sleep even! Hehe…he…
Signing off,



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