I Found True Love In A Dream

It’s been 5 days since I had this dream, but I haven’t fully gotten over it yet.  Usually, when I have an unusual or weird dream, I write it down, look up some stuff, and never think about it again (unless it recurs).  This one, though, left me in such a daze that I started to really think about the choices I’m making, and what I really want to do with my life.

From what I wrote down that morning, the dream seemed to take place in present time.  I was saying ‘goodbye’ to my blockmates (including the ones who had already left), who were in uniform, in an unfamiliar car park.  They were saying things like, “Congrats, Agnes!”, “Good luck, Agnes! Take care!”, and other positive and congratulatory exclamations.  We then parted ways, and I sat on a bench in the car park with some girl whom I don’t think I’ve ever met in real life.  She was telling me how she was going to miss me so much, and how we weren’t going to be able to “hang out like this” anymore.  Everything fades to black, and I wake up the next day.

When I wake up, my parents are already up and about.  The time was 11:02am.  *Keep in mind that this was not a lucid dream, so I had no control over anything I said or did.*  I felt this nervousness that I usually feel before I admit something to my parents that they might not like.  But I then casually told my parents, “Ma, Da! Let’s go to <this address that I can’t remember>.  You have to meet his parents <I say something else after this, but I’ve forgotten>.”  They seemed very excited and happy for me all of a sudden.  Everything fades to black again, and next thing I know, we’re at this residential area with similar looking houses that were very far apart.  In the open spaces between each house, there was a vast desert-looking plain.  As we walked down the streets, a series of pictures flashed before me.  It seemed like I was recalling a photo album, and there was a male voice narrating in my head.  The last part of this ‘photo album’ was signed: Larry *something*-r.

We reached the house  we were looking for.  We were greeted by 2 pugs and 1 boxer at the door, who I remember seeing as puppies in that ‘photo album’ from earlier.  We walked in and were greeted by a couple, who I also remember seeing in the album.  They seemed to be fond of me and welcomed us very willingly into their home.  The woman tells me, “He’s sleeping.  Why don’t you go wake him up?  He’s right in there.”  Before she even finished, I was already heading for ‘his’ bedroom, as if I knew my way around the house like I grew up there.  I got the feeling that his name was ‘Larry’, and that I was emotionally attached to him somehow.  At this point, I still had no idea what was going on, or why I was feeling a bit anxious about Saturday.

His door was ajar, so I peeped in and saw Larry fast asleep on his stomach, with his feet lying where his head should be.  I walk in calling out his name.  He grunts and shifts his body so he was now lying on his back, propped up against the headboard.  I lay down next to him, with my arm around his waist and my leg over his (a cuddle, if you will).  He was still half-asleep, so we just lay there in silence.  Outside, I could hear my parents and his parents laughing and having a good time.  I felt very comfortable and happy.  This was the scene that had me in a daze for the rest of the week.  I sensed how much in love I was with this guy, and it really moved me.  His eyes opened slightly and we stared at each other, still not saying a word.  This time, I sensed how deeply in love we both were with each other, and I could not help but feel so blissful that moment, as my dream self and my sleeping self.   He then stroked my hair, leaned down, and we gently touched foreheads.  I can’t help but recall how attractive he was, just fyi.  We whispered something to each other, and then we kissed ever so gently.  Shortly after, we finally got out of his room and into the living room where our parents seemed to be getting along really well.  It turns out we were leaving, and so we said our farewells.  And the dream ended here, unfortunately.

It was only near the end of the dream when my dream self and my sleeping self seemed to merge thoughts and I finally pieced everything together.  I was getting married that very Saturday, and I had only told my parents about it days before the actual day!  I shocked myself, and probably caused myself to wake up too soon hehe…(darn it!). I still can’t help but yearn for a love that felt as sweet and passionate as mine and Larry’s.  I’m sorry if this all sounds so cheesy and lame, but I had never felt anything like it before, much less through a dream!

Anyways, thank you for reading through that mushy stuff.  I appreciate it, and take delight in knowing that someone actually reads my stuff.  People actually liking it is a plus.

Good night, sweet dreams 😉


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