I Ignored Social Media for 8 Months

Hello, people of the Internet!

I’m back…and with a little experiment I did.

So, as the title says, I ignored social media for 8 months. I started around May 2017 and I started easing back into it in Feb 2018.  And I say “ignored” instead of “quit” because I knew it was most certainly impossible for me (at least at this stage in my life) to get rid of all my social media.  Honestly, this only became evident after a couple of months when school started back up again, when I needed some way to be informed about ‘important school stuff’ quickly and easily.  As some would say, it is a “necessary evil”.  Though, it’s not completely evil…just a little bit.

Why did I do it?

Well, it’s quite simple really.  I was overwhelmed.  By everything.  The first things I did when I woke up were: scroll through my newsfeed on Facebook, check how many likes I got on my last pic on Instagram, scroll through my various chat groups for any vital info I needed to know, check (and delete) various e-mails, and occasionally send some greeting comments or messages to people.  Then, I would go about my day-to-day activities, checking Facebook again whenever I could, and then come home and repeat exactly what I did in the morning…and then once more before I went to sleep.  And it just became this horrible rut that made me feel oh-so-millenial.  And to top it all of, the past couple of years have just been hate-news about politics, the government, and everything wrong with all these other people in the world.  I never even realized how many of my friends were such outspoken activists, feminists, sexists, and a bunch of other “-ists”.  (There’s nothing wrong with all that, of course.  It’s just that there was so much it made me want to scream into my pillow every night.)

I started wondering when I became like this, when all this became the norm, when people started walking about with their eyes glued to cold, emotion-draining screens.  I don’t want to blame the advancement of technology, or the invention of the Internet.  I mean, we all had/have a choice, right?  So what happened to talking face-to-face?  Or saving your gossip for when you all met up at the mall or a cafe?  Or picking up a newspaper and reading a real book?  Doesn’t anyone miss it?  Doesn’t anyone remember what it was like?  Does anyone care?  (Now I’m just being melodramatic.  Sorry, not sorry.  Haha!)

Anyway, call it what you want – an existential crisis, a spiritual awakening, or a dumb newly-20 person’s silly ramblings – , but I decided that I was going to be angry at the world.  So, I rage-quit.

Prior to this, um, revelation(?), I’d already been getting myself used to going on trips without bringing any gadgets.  Of course, a cellphone was necessary, but otherwise, I didn’t bring anything else.  (Not even a charger.)  I think I had already started realizing, especially after my solo trip to SG in 2016, that I was checking in to all these cool places and capturing and sharing every moment of it online, and yet, I was totally checked out from reality.  It always left me so tired, and even feeling totally unnecessary pressure to come up with “the perfect caption” and the appropriate emojis for every photo/post, and getting fussy about how many to share per day, etc. etc. etc.  (Just typing all that made my head dizzy, ugh.)

Basically, I just hope that more people start to realize that there’s more to life than those little glass screens, and that new parents will still let their kids experience “the good ol’ days” of low-tech, paper books and tabletop games.

So yeah.  That’s how my 2017 went.  Nothing but good vibes for 2018 though!

Now go out there and help bring change to the world!  (‘Cause, boy, do we need it badly…)

Agnes 😉


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